Welcome to Master Study!

MTI was established by expert clinicians, Pieter Kroon and Tim Kruchowsky in 1998. The Program is credentialed by ACOMPTE. Since 1998, MTI has graduated over 580 Fellows; 65 of them have since joined our didactic- and clinical faculty.

The Manual Therapy Institute’s mission is to educate movement experts. To achieve this we believe our graduates need to show mastery of the following 7 domains:

Advanced problem solving

Joint mobilization/manipulation

Soft tissue mobilization

Treatment of Adverse Neural Tension

Evaluation/treatment of muscle imbalance

Tissue specific exercise prescription

Patient education


The program incorporates current best evidence with a model that describes how changes in function can lead to restricted movement and complaints of pain. This model focuses on the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms, which facilitates an effective treatment plan for your patients.