Critical Thinking

Elevate your critical thinking and clinical decision making skills through our rigorous course material.

Expand Your Knowledge

Learn to recognize and treat the cause of problems instead of symptoms. Learn to integrate the nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems to treat the whole person and not treat aspects of the person.

Problem Solving

Deepen your problem solving and manual therapy skill set to be among the best in our field.

Gain Confidence

Improve your skills and gain confidence in your ability to diagnose and treat. Enjoy your job more and be more successful in treating your patients.

Why Choose MTI

The Manual Therapy Institute makes treating fun. The Certification Program provides you with the clinical knowledge and basic manual therapy skills to be successful where other clinicians fail. The Fellowship Program advances and refines those skills to make you among the best of orthopedic clinicians out there.

MTI educates you on how to diagnose and treat complex patient cases and elevates your clinical skills well beyond the doctorate level.

It provides you with the skill and confidence to talk to other healthcare professionals on the same level and provide better care to your patients. Watch your outcomes improve and enjoy your job more.

The Manual Therapy Institute is conveniently designed to be a part-time program with weekend courses in order to support clinicians who need to continue to work during the Certification and Fellowship Program.

Upcoming Cohorts

Irvine, CA – August 24, 2024

Our Highly Trained Faculty

The Manual Therapy Institute’s faculty members are experts in Manual Therapy. All of them are Fellowship trained and are chosen for their ability to explain difficult treatment concepts in easy to understand terms, as well as their ability to expertly teach the requisite manual therapy techniques.

Join the brightest physical therapists from around the country

An Accredited ACOMPTE Fellowship Program