Support Faculty

Program Director

Pieter Kroon
(512) 422-4258
[email protected]
Contact Pieter for general questions about the program, as well as any website related questions


Theresa Krager
(512) 293-2803
[email protected]
Contact Theresa for matters related to tuition payment, reimbursement, and administrative issues related to the fellowship program.

Director of Clinical Education

Tim Kruchowsky
(512) 466-4115
[email protected]
Contact Tim for matters related to supervised hours.


Below you will find a list of the most common questions we receive.  If your question is not answered on this page please contact the appropriate faculty member and we will assist you.

Send payments to:

The Manual Therapy Institute
P.O. Box 680127
Park City, UT 84068

Yes. We are happy to send you a replacement certificate. The replacement fee is $15. Contact Theresa Krager at (512) 293-2803 or [email protected].

No. We will provide 30 CCU’s for Foundations in the first year, and 30 CCU’s for Advanced Cervical Spine in the second year. This should be sufficient to keep your license current for the time you are enrolled in the program.

Yes. Some employers require proof of attendance for reimbursement purposes. We’d be happy to get you that. Contact Theresa Krager and tell her the course name/date/location for which you will need the certificate.

Check the course calendar for this year. Contact the Program Director 3 weeks ahead of the course date, so you can be added to the class list. To graduate from the program, all courses need to be completed.

We can. Contact Kuni Hosaka and he will resend it to you. Invest a bit of money in a Password Manager App and you will never have to contact us for this problem.