Chicago 2019


Thomas Komperda
Allison Colligan
Cameron McIntosh
Jacob Perotto
Luke Shallenberger
Colin Meister
Aaron Jackowski
Zachary Johnson
Karen Fournier
Morgan Sayre
Teresa Brtis
Lauren Toner
Joseph Perry
Katie Pachniak
Jennifer Garbarz
Katrina Yelick
Eric Newberry
Casey Griebel
Emily Schwecke
Emily Sabel
Ashley Bach
Olga Zemlekova
Jakub Koziol
Christine Davis
Kevin Brown
Charles Crockatt
Joseph Lynn

Recommended Lodging

Location Info

3333 Green Bay Rd North Chicago, IL

3333 Green Bay Road
North Chicago, IL 60064 (driving directions)

Class will be held in room G.714. Enter through the Morning Star Entrance (labeled J). The doors should be unlocked, but if they are not for some reason, use the intercom and let security know you are here for MTI